Price Circuits LLC, a Division of Circuitronics LLC, Installs LENZ Two Spindle High Speed Micro Drill and Router

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Price Circuits LLC in Elgin, IL, a manufacturer of printed circuit boards specializing in leading edge technologies, announces the most recent capital investment to support advanced HDI products with installing a LENZ DLG 550-2 two spindle micro drilling machine and RLG 550-2 Router. Final equipment installation and training was implemented February 2020.

With our focus on supporting complex printed circuit board technologies, in rigid, flex and rigid flex technologies, our technical capability in HDI has expanded in 2020. With technologies advancing quickly, Price Circuits recognized the need to update with installing the most state of the art equipment available in the industry.

LENZ DLG 550-2 Micro drilling can drill from .002” up through .250 The machine’s accuracy for depth control for applications such as HDI,  blind via drilling, and back drilling is unmatched. The CCD camera determines a best fit setting and scaling values from pre-drilled holes patterns. The vision system utilizes a camera on each station for inner layer alignments and scaling values.

RLG 550-2 Router has contact and mechanical depth control and these can be used for functions such as back drilling, countersinking, counter boring, beveling, scoring and exposing inner layers.  Contact is  used an accuracy of +/-.0005”, and  mechanical depth control range of +/-.002” for applications where material movement is an issue and/or precision alignments are required. 

Price Circuits LLC has implemented over $6 million in 2019/2020  to our capital investment to better serve our diverse customer base with process capabilities to further support their ever advancing technology needs. Our customers are coming up with demanding technologies beyond imagination and we as a company are better positioned to support their needs through the expansion. In addition to our current additions of new lasers and direct imaging equipment we are well positioned to support the most challenging HDI technologies.


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